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Phoebe Woods-Orsini

Multi-Generational Living

Why Multi-Generational?

Multi-Generational, Multigenerational — or Multi-Gen, for short — are homes designed to provide space for multiple generations to live together. A Multi-Gen home has at least two adult generations living together and may include a generation of children.  Do you have kids moving back home from college or with their children? Are you looking for your dream home or, need a place for Mom or Dad? These are all great reasons for a Multi-Gen home.  

Highly recommend 5-stars

Suzannflagg - Bought a Multi Family home and sold.

 Phoebe gave us so much of her time when trying to find our new home. We spent months of weekends looking for the right one and she was there for us the entire time. We drove by some that weren't right and visited others two or three times and she never made us feel like we were too much trouble. She allowed us to set our pace and worked 100% in any direction we took. We looked from the east side of the Bay Bridge to the hills of Carroll County and she found us workable options everywhere we showed an interest. When decided, she kept us on track with deadlines and was extremely patient in explaining the process. We had three offers on our house that she listed within five days and she managed that process with ease. We are now in our multi-generational dream house and are thankful to Phoebe for her help in getting us here. We just love being all together.


Research Shows

·      Less than 5% of mature adults are living in nursing homes or assisted living facilities.

·      Multi-generational homes are on the rise in America because of affordability and the cost of 55+ living.

·      On average, 1 in 5 American families are living or thinking of moving into Multi-Gen homes.

·      There are 4.6 million Multi-Gen families, making up 4% of homes and growing.

·      Multi-Gen homes have increased by 30% since 2007.

·      Retirement communities & assisted living homes are becoming more expensive. 

·      Approximately 8 out of 10 people prefer to age in place.

I Can Help You- I am a Realtor that specializes in Multi-Generational, Aging in Place, and Downsizing and am certified as an SRES, ePro, AHWD, and C2EX. I have been a full-time, full-service concierge Realtor since 2004. Real Estate agent helping families find and sell their homes in Maryland from 1st time home buyers to Multi-Million-Dollar properties. Want to know more about me? Click here for BIO.


Financial & Economic

You can share expenses like utility, insurance, and mortgage. Save travel time to and from families and other places. It also helps to share the household chores and maintenance. If you have young children, you may be able to eliminate daycare costs. It’s also more economical than expensive senior or assisted living homes.

Physical and Psychological Health

For seniors, living with children and grandchildren can help them stay active and alert and it reduces loneliness — a problem that plagues many seniors. More adults in the house mean that the burdens and stresses of life are shared and reduced.

In the case of health emergencies, more people in the home means quicker help and response which can be lifesaving when seniors fall, have a stroke, or heart attack, for example.

Children who live with both their parents and grandparents benefit, especially if they only have one parent or both parents work outside the home during the day. Everyone in the home can benefit from stronger family relationships. Having more love and support is always a good thing! Like a copy of the Multi-Generational information sheet? Click here

Process of Buying or Selling a Multi-Gen Home

A Multi-Generational home is not like other homes and the process is different. Every family’s needs are also different.

Not all real estate agents know the ins and outs or even what a Multi-Gen home is or how it needs to be set up. Not all agents have a market or list homes that may be multi-gen or homes that could be used as one. I dig deeper to see if the home will suit Multi-Gen's needs.

Buyers-there are various preferences and needs to consider, so I will sit down with you to see what your family’s needs are in such a home. Needs such as:

·      Who will contribute money to the mortgage, utilities, and other costs?

·      Who will contribute towards non-financial needs like watching the children and home maintenance?

·      What are the mobility and safety requirements for elderly family members?

We’ll go over floor plans, layouts, the deeding process, and other specialized items for this type of home. Like will you need a:

Ground Floor Master or 2 Masters

·      In-Law Suite

·      Separate Entrance

·      2 Kitchens or kitchenette or one

·      Disability Upgrades

You will be assisted and supported with information and options specifically applicable to your family’s needs and budget, from start to finish. The things to think about Multi-Generational sheet- Click here

Sellers- selling a Multi-Gen home is different than selling other homes. We will sit down and go over all the special features of the home. Marketing this type of property is spiralized and few agents have the knowledge on doing so:

·      How to list it in search engines MLS and advertise it correctly.

·      You need to market to a specific buyer/s looking for Multi-Gen homes, and how to find them.

·      If your property is not already set up as a Multi-Generational, it may still be a great fit for a Multi-Gen home. If the floor plan is right or with just a few changes like a separate entrance or small redesign could make it a great property for looking, buyers.

·      Highlighting the property features that buyers want and need in a Multi-Gen home.

·      Photos and floor plans speak louder than words and will showcase your property.

All this will help sell your property for the highest profit price and fast.

There are so many benefits to a Multi-Generational home.

Request A FREE guide:

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